The Mickie Dalton Foundation

The Mickie Dalton Foundation is named after the chief character in the Young Adult Sci-Fi series, “The Mickie Dalton Trilogy.” These books were developed during a wonderful and exhilarating year-long project with 15 young people at St Joseph’s Catholic High School in Albion Park, NSW. The group met each Friday morning and brain-stormed to create story lines, civilisations, new worlds and adventures. In their final year, I was able to present to each of them the published works, an experience as exhilarating and fulfilling as the group sessions had been.

Every writer knows the horrible process of rejection by agents and publishers. It’s frustrating and infuriating, and in Australia it’s even worse as local writers are generally not acceptable to Australian publishers as they present too great a financial risk. Instead, established writers from overseas are the preferred option. After three years of dithering by one publisher who couldn’t decide to proceed, I opted for self-publication in order to present the books to the members of the group before they graduated from High School. The process of self-publishing proved to be immense fun and greatly satisfying, so I proceeded to have my other complete books published also and I began a marketing campaign. I have already established a local presence and this is expanding. My books are in the local bookstores and several libraries in the Mid-North Coast region from which they are loaned out frequently. All my books are now marketed by agencies in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.  Other States will follow in time.  At least one newspaper has produced a full-page article.

Early on, I decided that as and when money began to flow in, helping other writers would take precedence over personal affluence. The Foundation will support literacy programs, school writing programs and eventually become a non-profit publisher, aiming to publish first-time Australian writers and assist in sales and distribution.  Publishing operations have already begun with other Australian writers and their books will be offered on this website.

So all profits from sales through this website and other channels will go to the Foundation. Several other books are in development and will be added to the web site as they are completed.

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The Janus Conspiracy
A conspiracy to take over the USA has been in process for sixty years.

Just how much at risk is the safety and security of the entire world?

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